Baby Boy’s Adventure Themed Nursery

I’m SO excited to finally be able to reveal our baby boy’s sweet adventure themed nursery! We have been working on this little project ever since moving to North Carolina and we finally completed it about a month ago.  I am 38 weeks pregnant today with our little squirmer and we are anxiously awaiting his arrival which literally could be any day now, eek! We cannot wait to meet him and show him his own very special room that we’ve worked so long and hard on.  This nursery truly was so much fun to do together and really became an escape for us.  We left a piece of our heart in Washington and this room turned into our way of trying to bring that piece here.  Because of such, many parts of our “Adventure/Washington” themed room hold a lot of sentimental value, and if you want to find out which pieces do and why then keep reading on!

James got to work on some fun projects in this room and I LOVE having his handiwork all throughout baby boy’s nursery now. One of those projects is below and is the first beautiful piece you see when entering the nursery- a handcrafted gate.

My older sister gave us this cute “little explorer” sign soon after finding out we were pregnant and it made the perfect addition to the room! James and I worked together to handcraft those “Washington evergreen” trees that now make for the perfect hangers for baby boy’s little jackets and bath towels 🙂 

The light in the nursery is DIVINE. I can’t wait for all of the beautiful memories that will be created in our wanderlust sanctuary! 

These beautiful watercolor evergreen trees were painted by a very special friend of ours, Nicole Regan.  Nicole and I met when we were all stationed in GA almost 4 years ago now! As per the norm in the military we then got stationed different places. James and I headed to WA while she and her husband headed to NY.  Nicole and I kept up with each other though and she began her watercolor paintings while in NY. I fell in love with them (from afar ha ha) and knew that I would want her to do something unique for us one day.  Well that day is here! James and I were wanting to incorporate a little more color into the room and the trees of WA were one of our most favorite parts of the state so naturally all of this just fit together.  We asked Nicole for just one at first but fell in love with it so much that we decided we really needed more! She happily obliged and her watercolors are now one of our favorite parts of the room. In addition, the frames that they are in just so happen to have belonged to James’ parents and PERFECTLY fit the size of her watercolors without us even planning it.  We just love everything about them! 

Our truly one-of-a-kind mobile was made by our dear friends, Dan & Bre, and holds some sweet memories with it.  Their baby girl, Nora, was born last November and James and I were blessed with a few short but very sweet months of getting to know and love on her.  There was one day when baby girl was only a few weeks old that Dan and Bre had the opportunity to get away for a little bit and go duck hunting together.  Naturally, James and I were thrilled to be the ones that got to watch Nora for the day. We found out later our “payment” was not only the sweet time we got with baby girl, but this precious mobile for our little man made from the beautiful feathers of the ducks they got that day.  We truly love and cherish it!

This stunning handcrafted cradle below brings a smile to my face every time I look at it.  It was made by a very talented family friend whose craft is phenomenal. I was SO hoping to get one (he had made one for my older sister too when she had her first) but obviously tried not to expect it ha ha.  So I was THRILLED when I was gifted with it at our baby shower. It easily became my favorite gift! The workmanship on it is just beautiful and I will truly cherish it.  It also now houses a beautiful quilt that my grandmother made special for baby boy.

Maximillian the Moose was the first stuffed animal we got for baby boy all the way back in November and it was given to us by James’ mother, now to be known as Mimi 🙂  James LOVES Moose so he was the perfect fit for baby boy’s room!

Our cute little dinosaur came from a fun little shop in Asheville where we spent a weekend away recently.  He came with his very own super cute book too!

Another one of James’ little project was making the changing pad holder.  We’ve found it to be a super great way to keep the changing pad in place while also adding some more clean lines and color to the top of the dresser.

To match our little evergreen hangers, James and I worked together to make these sweet bookends to tie all of our evergreens together 🙂 James also made the floating shelves. Love them!

These sweet books below were from James’ childhood and we can’t wait to be able to read them to our son now!  The galvanized toolbox was James’ fathers and we love having that sweet reminder of him on our shelves. 

After looking long and hard for a used dresser we could just refinish, we ended up biting the bullet and getting a beautifully new unfinished one made by the Amish county that we grew up visiting all the time in PA.  I chose how I wanted it to look and James went to work refinishing it to just that.  I think it turned out perfectly!

My older sister threw us our baby shower and gifted us with all the cute little forest animals throughout the room.  They made for the perfect little decorating accents! 

James is a man of many talents and decided to whip that mountain pillow up for me one night 🙂 Turned out great, right?

It’s crazy how some of the little details of the room ended up taking us the longest to figure out. Like….a curtain rod.  We just couldn’t figure out what looked good. Black? No. White? Eh.. not really working. Brown? Definitely not. There’s not too many choices other than that folks! So after thinking about it for a while we finally ended up getting an unfinished rod that we stained to match the rest of the room and finished it off with some square ends we found at hobby lobby.  Sounds so simple but took us forever! ha ha. It blends great with the room now though so we’re happy. Those curtain holders were also a fun DIY project we put together. Super easy. Just bought some rope from Home Depot, put a copper coupler over the ends and there you have it! A custom curtain holder.

We can’t wait for all the memories that will be made in this nursery in the weeks and months to come. It truly holds a special place in our heart. Stay tuned for photos of the arrival of our sweet little bundle hopefully soon!!

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