Faith | Senior 2017 | Pennsylvania Senior Photographer

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When you’re taking your baby sister’s senior portraits you know that you officially cannot run from adulthood anymore! ha ha. What a fun blessing though for me to live clear across the country and yet still be able to make it home for such a special time in my sister’s life.  And wowzers is she gorgeous and grown up! She’s the only sister of the 4 of us that has blonde hair (currently) and I say she rocks it pretty darn well.  She’s also the sister that managed to get more of the button-nose feature than the rest of us to which I am jealous, yes.  Faith and I do share our deep brown eyes though 🙂  But anyhow he he we had a fun time being together roaming downtown Scranton as I tried to say stupid things to make her laugh while also making her lay in the grass to try out a new pose. (that’s what sister’s are for right!?) Which, I may add to the new pose comment, she rocked and totally looked like Rapzunel. I know she won’t like me for posting a few but I think she looks amazing! And I’m older so I win 🙂 

And, of course, when you are the sister to the photographer, you have the option of shooting another outfit on a totally different day so you can do the whole curly and straight hair thing. So our second shoot we played in some golden fields and I put flowers in her hair to keep with the Rapunzel theme we had going on. She also brought her glasses that my dad so ardently pushed for, and I must say she pulled them off quite nicely! I think she looked adorable.

Squirty-Paturty, I hope that you have an amazing Senior year and that it is filled with a lot of laughter, joy, and good memories.  I love you!

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