Baby Addyson | Pennsylvania Lifestyle Nursery Photographer


The key to my heart: pink, blue, and baby nieces! Be still my heart I love this little girl. Meet Addyson Grace. I had such a fun time photographing this sweet little baby girl with my sister for her lifestyle nursery session.  What an amazingly precious time for us all! If you’ve never met my sister, Katie, she is the lovely mama behind the blog madetobeamomma where she professionally blogs about crafting, diy projects, and fun recipe ideas.  So obviously creating an adorable nursery for her baby girl was purely second nature.  And of course she made a lot of the cute little signs with the pretty gold and teal accents.

After having two adorable little boys, my sister and brother-in-law, (along with the rest of the family, of course) were ecstatic after finding out the third would be their little girl! My sister had the name Addyson picked out from the very first child and it was heartwarming to finally see her name up in her nursery.  I was so blessed to be able to be home during what I consider the cutest age for my lifestyle nursery sessions (6-12mo.) I love when they are just old enough to sit up all the way through to when they just start walking.  Their personalities start to shine and they become very interactive!

It was extremely sweet to see the sister that I grew up on Disney with reading her favorite Disney princess  “The Little Mermaid” to her little girl.  Cue the sentimental tears! Addy was such a doll for her session and I thoroughly enjoyed capturing the precious moments between my sister and her little girl.  One of my favorite parts though was when we transitioned Addy into her crib and she gave us the biggest smiles as she held herself up on the railing. It was just perfect that her nickname was right behind her. SO stinken precious!



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