Our Year in Review | 2015

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Since we’ve been married, James and I started what we call our “yearbook”.  Our yearbook is just a regular leather bound sketch book from Michaels (not exactly the best option, but we haven’t found anything better yet) filled with images from our past year.   Printed photos- the best kind.  Mid-December I start working through all the photos of our past year picking my favorites to highlight what we did, saw, and experienced.  Ideally I should be setting aside these images all year, but that hasn’t quite happened yet! After I’ve got a folder of all my images, I put them through a program that fits two into the size of a 4×6 because the smaller photos work perfect for our book. I scour my favorite photos companies for the best offers and make sure they get to me right before Christmas break. It’s become a favorite memory and now tradition of ours to set a few hours aside over the course of a night or two during Christmas break where we cut the photos to size and lay them out in our book.  We smile and talk over the memories that the photos bring back and we usually are all cozied up on the couch or, in this case, our mattress that we so gracefully pulled out to our living room to be by the Christmas tree and fireplace! Photos have always held a special place in my heart, and preserving them is a big priority.  So, with all of that being said, though I much prefer a physical print to look at, there’s nothing like being able to share with all of our friends and family via the digital realm.  And it’s also nice to have a back up online, just in case something happens to that precious book one day.  So without further ado… Here is our digital yearbook 🙂


2015 was filled with a lot of exploration for us!  James was home more than he has ever been in our 3 years of marriage and I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it was to have him stay put for a little bit! The amount of miles we put on our car and hiking boots was insane, but we LOVED it.  We had lots of visitors this year too and continued to form deep friendships with those God has currently placed in our lives.

We began our year down in the Columbia River Gorge at a Marriage Retreat and loved being able to explore that beautiful location on the Army’s dime! 😉

Marriage Retreat Skamania Lodge Multnomah-0992Our travel’s soon took us to Puerto Rico where James was able to join me for a quick trip to shoot a beautiful wedding!


We got all fancied up this year just like we did back in the West Point days and walked arm and arm together into a military ball… this time as husband and wife instead of boyfriend and girlfriend. Brigade Ball -6

My sister and brother-in-law were first in line to visit and we LOVED having them. untitled-15

We got to explore the beautiful town of Victoria, BC for my birthday weekend! Can you spot James in the bottom left photo?!


In those times that James was gone, my girls provided me a great distraction and comfort.  It has been such a privilege to hang out with these two and watch them continue to grow over the last two years.  I will sorely miss them! IMG_7300IMG_8157

Our friends soon became our “family” here in Washington and I can’t tell you what an encouragement these dear friends are! We are so very blessed to have them all!

Our outdoor adventures skyrocketed this year as we slowly bought our supplies to backpack.  So many places we were blessed to explore! The sites we got to see were absolutely majestic and the quality time we had together was needed and rejuvenating.SouthBoundBonds-294IMG_7115

We even got to plan some trips with our friends which made it that much more enjoyable! MildredLakesbackpacking-140Rock Climbing Vantage, WA-4SouthBoundBonds-286backpacking on the Coast-17

My parent’s joined us shortly after our South Bound Bond’s trip and we had fun catching up and showing them the beauty of Washington! IMG_7637

I can’t remember how many we actually did this year, but puzzling definitely became a hobby for us! My favorite part was when we were nearly done and sorted the final puzzle pieces into their respective categories as shown below 🙂 This was also one of my favorite puzzles that we did!

Our third visitor, Allie (James’ sister) was a great comfort and ball of fun!  She came just before James headed out for a month which ended up being perfect timing for her to see her brother and then keep me company! We had lots of adventures and I was so thankful for her companionship.Mt. Rainier in Fall-6

Mount Rainier has been one our favorite locations to visit while here in Washington and I have now made it there in every season! It’s amazing how much it can change from month to month! Needless to say, we were stoked to be able to have some professional photos take there by our good friend Savannah Bidwell . They definitely will be cherished as a keepsake of our time here in Washington.

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Believe it or not this was our first Fall season together and I was stoked! I LOVE fall and I was so happy to finally be able to do all the fun Fall stuff with my best friend 🙂 That’s Bob… our pumpkin.

Thanksgiving brought us our final visitors (James’ Family) and we so enjoyed welcoming both them and our good friends into our home!Thanksgiving Visit-4

This year we dove into snowshoeing and absolutely LOVED IT! It was fun to be able to do it with our family for our first time too! There are so many beautiful places to go here in the PNW! (Pacific Northwest)

Thanksgiving Visit-80




Christmas was yet again spent together at home with just the two of us… Just the way we like it. I was stoked to see James open his custom shave set! He’d only been talking about it all year! 🙂 Christmas 2015-15

And then we hit the plane Christmas night to end the year right visiting with our favorites back home!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetThe last day of the year I spent snuggling with the newest addition to our family- Miss Addyson Grace, and I couldn’t have imagined any other better way to say goodbye to 2015.

Christmas 2015-66

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