5 Fall Fashion Tips that will make your Photographer love you.

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Happy fourth day of Fall! Autumn is my favorite time of year! I love all the rich colors, yummy food, and smells. With the changing season always comes thoughts of Christmas, which then leads us to think about those pictures we need for Christmas cards!  Commence the busiest season for the photographer! ha ha.  So this morning I’d thought I’d try to help us all out by giving  you 5 fall fashion tips that I’ve personally seen make those photos pop this time of year.  Read on through, go book your shoot, give these tips a try, and walk out that door feeling more confident this season.  A win for both client and photographer. 😉



1. Coordinating is in. Matching is out.

Long gone are the days of everyone decked out in denim on the bottom and white on the top.  If you want to have photos that really stand out this year, try coordinating outfits instead of matching them.  Pick different shades of a color or even mix in some subtle patterns.  Or pick a few colors and mix it up between family members. Pinterest is a great way to see how others mix and match colors and patterns. There’s also a ton of fashion bloggers out there that live for helping others out with fashion.  Hit them up!

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2. Choose colors that compliment your home.

Whether you’re just starting your home as a newlywed or have mixed up your style 6 different times over the years, we all have colors, patterns, and styles we absolutely love.  Stick with those if you plan to place these photos all over your home. (which I hope you do!) Your home will also help you pick those colors and patterns you will want to wear.  Sometimes it’s fun to mix things up a little, but just make sure you don’t go too crazy and end up wearing bright blue when you’re home is mainly earth tones.

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3. Layers, Layers, and more layers.

It’s Fall! Which consequently means it’s not only the time for layering but also a necessity as the cold temps blow in.  Layers break up a photo and allow for more dimension that really makes photos stand out.  Ladies, don’t be afraid to not only layer the top with blouses, vests, sweaters, and scarves; but get those jeans rocking with some boot cuffs, leg warmers, and long boots!



Three sisters

4. Accessorize!

Yes, this can be overdone, but is often forgotten by most.  Now’s the time to wear that cute hat for a few pics, or grab your favorite necklace and bracelet to show off.  And have your husband put on that watch he only wears for special occasions. Accessories make for great detail shots!

Ballard Engagement

5. Add a little more glam:

You know how they say the camera adds 20lbs?  Well, I’m not so sure about that, but it definitely does seem to erase makeup.  We all know this though.  You look at yourself in the mirror and love the whole natural look you have going on just to get a picture taken that day that makes you look washed out and tired.  I don’t know the technicality behind why it happens, but it does.  So just for your shoot add a touch more of that favorite foundation and blush.  And if you want some extra pop, don’t forget the lipstick (or gloss) and those nails!  Even if you aren’t necessarily used to wearing lipstick (like me) it will definitely complete your look and keep your lips looking beautiful with rich color instead of dried out. And painted nails just finish any look 🙂

Fall Fashion Details

There you have it, friends.  Now go book a shoot and look fabulous in those photos this year!




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