Baby Emmarie | Lifestyle Nursery Session

Baby Emmarie-112Meet this beautiful baby doll, Emmarie.  I had so much fun capturing this little joy with her mama last week.  The faces this girl makes had me cracking up just as much as I was shooting as when I was editing.  She brought me many smiles for days on end and even as I blog these photos she still brings a smile to my face.   Though I don’t shoot newborn photography, there is something about this age where they start to get some character & personality, but have yet to be able to run away and express their feelings with words.  They laugh and smile at all the funny faces or sounds we make, they are extremely observant, and their is just a sort of preciousness to this time.  Which, in turn, makes me so glad to have been able to capture some of these memories for David & Karlie.  I’m not a mom yet, but I know that these times go by so fast.  Don’t forget to take those photos…


Baby Emmarie-15Baby Emmarie-27Baby Emmarie-50Baby Emmarie-53Baby Emmarie-103Baby Emmarie-11Baby Emmarie-258Baby Emmarie-38Baby Emmarie-291Baby Emmarie-78Baby Emmarie-190Baby Emmarie-56Baby Emmarie-83Baby Emmarie-14Baby Emmarie-214Baby Emmarie-35Baby Emmarie-39Baby Emmarie-247Baby Emmarie-74Baby Emmarie-249Baby Emmarie-340Baby Emmarie-138Baby Emmarie-146Baby Emmarie-183Baby Emmarie-116Baby Emmarie-198Baby Emmarie-207Baby Emmarie-211Baby Emmarie-419Baby Emmarie-336Baby Emmarie-133Baby Emmarie-26

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