Conrad Couple :: Point Defiance Park, WA

2015-04-10_0012May I just first say that I love these type of sessions. Meet the Conrad couple.  A beautiful couple with super sweet personalities.  No, they didn’t just get married.  They totally dressed back up in their wedding attire and allowed me the opportunity to photograph what they weren’t able to get on their actual wedding day. It was a dream!  Christina put it best though in a post on Facebook so I’ll let her share why they wanted these photos and what they meant to them…

“On Saturday I made a dream of mine come true. I’ve wanted this for probably 2 years. Its been a year in the marking to get my dress from family in TX to me, moved/settled and Christian home. When we got married I was 18, he was 19 and leaving for basic in 6 weeks. We had a 6 month old, were living with my mom and just simply couldn’t afford a great photographer. It is honestly one of the biggest regrets I have in my life. But finally 4 years after we said I do, I finally have images as beautiful as how I feel about my marriage” -Christina

I personally love these type of sessions as a photographer because it creates such a relaxed, stress free, and fun environment for my clients where they get to be with their favorite person all dolled up again capturing memories. Even if you loved your wedding photos, getting dressed up (doesn’t even have to be your wedding dress), capturing memories, and creating gorgeous images to hang on your wall of the love you and your husband share is totally worth it!  If that’s something you would like to do then let’s talk and have some fun!



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