2014 Photography Look-Back


Looking back at 2014 and all that happened with my photography is pretty astounding to me. Not only can I see the growth in my skill and knowledge of the art, but I finally established myself in the business realm upon settling in Washington.  Before prepping this post, I don’t think I even realized how much growth came from this year! What I did know was how blessed I was to have had all of the clients, friends, and family that allowed me to capture just a glimpse of their life and turn it into a beautiful and tangible memory.  This year I shot in 3 different states in some gorgeous locations with a crazy variety of clients.  I photographed babies, families, engagements, maternity, nature, weddings, homecomings, couples, and even some fun “life” photos.  I started out in Georgia and moved to Washington in the spring where I really dived into the business side of things and finally was able to “set up shop” with a business license!

I was blessed with 4 weddings this year all back in my home state of Pennsylvania allowing me to see my family way more than expected! God is good.  I laughed with clients, I jumped up and down with excitement when the shot was just breathtaking, I ran around like a crazy woman to get babies to laugh, I fixed veils and flowers, I learned new names, faces, and places; I watched raw emotion unfold, and love at its deepest. The beauty was limitless, the personalities were evident, the memories were priceless.  And that is why I love my job and sincerely thank every one of my clients this year for allowing me to step into their lives.

Even though I would love to get to the point where I have had too many shoots to show a favorite from each one, I am thankful that this year I can do such! It was a pretty difficult task to just pick one photo from each session to post. For some I didn’t necessarily pick my all time favorite that I would blow up and hang on the wall as the “picture perfect” image,  many were chosen because I love the personality that shines through and how it brings me back to that moment with them. Hopefully you can take a step back with me to meet some of my favorite people this year…

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Baby JBThis IS one of those image that I would totally blow up and hang on my wall- even though he’s not mine. he he.  I just love a crisp and beautiful black and white.  I love the sparkle in his eyes and his sweet innocence of wondering what in the world I was doing. ha ha.


Reed & Ali: I love love love the beautiful pastels of this image and even more love their sweet smiles.  I feel like this image just overwhelmingly captures these two- Ali with her fun and sweet nature and Reed with his love and protection of Ali.


Trottier kiddos: I just love seeing the sweet smiles of these two as their mom is trying to maintain their attention and happiness in the background.


Valentines Day Flowers: Sometimes I just think something is so pretty it needs to be photographed :).  This was one such moment when my sweet husband brought me home a beautiful bouquet of fresh daisies!


Chess: This was one of those spur of the moment ideas that I really had some fun with.  James and I love playing chess together and the pieces turned out to be so fun to practice my macro filters on!


Rick & Rossi: These two were my perfect practice couple who so willingly allowed me to pull them around for quite a while so that I could really work on my posing.  This was one of the last images of the day and I just love the setting sun and their seriousness- if but for a moment. ha ha! These two were also one of those great couples who make you laugh and smile so much during the shoot that your face hurts afterward lol.


Halinski Family: I love how this picture just so simply shows the wonder of a child and the tenderness of a mother. Words just can’t do it justice…


Sean & Amanda: One of my favorite things to do is have a couple try a pose that they just don’t quite understand or can’t quite get themselves into lol.  It brings out some of the truest emotion and I love that. Sean and Amanda were another one of those couples that just made me love even more of what I do.  There wasn’t a bad picture in the bunch with such characters. I smile even now as I see this picture and remember back to that beautiful day with these two best friends.


Morgan Family: A child’s curiosity never ceases.  I so enjoy following the little kiddos around in photo shoots.  I smile as they go their own way and do their own thing without having any clue or care of what is going on around them.  I love their sweet trust and adventurous spirit.  I admire how they can so quickly remind us of the small things in life. To remember and cherish simplicity.


Georgia Trees: Oh there were just some breathtaking moss trees down in Georgia that I had to take a picture of!


Wise Family: These girls were some of my favorite kids to shoot.  Such personality and character between these three! I barely gave any direction and they just took over!


Dan & Bre: I love how just typical these looks are on our best friend’s faces.  Dan saying something witty or totally out there and Bre’s classic response face saying “wwhhat?” ha ha.


Norman and Alli: I think it’s just something about the beautiful twinkling lights in the background and the look in Alli’s eyes while they have their first dance together as husband and wife that just makes me love this photo 🙂


Brian & Kristen: Ahh.. looking at this picture makes me smile even more now then when I originally took it.  I had a session with these two and their sweet little boys shortly after I got here.  I didn’t know them all very well at the time, but now I do and now I know how this picture totally captures Brian’s personality ha ha.  I love that too.  I love making friends with those I photograph and becoming a part of their lives.


Jacob & Amanda: This is one of those pictures where I just am so happy with how all aspects of it turned out.  I love the angle at which it was shot, the pose, the colors, and I mostly love Amanda’s sweet smile that peeks through as Jacob pulls her in for a kiss!


Adam & Emily: These two! Talk about models in every sense of the word.  I absolutely adore this picture from their session because it was such a unique location in this tunnel of flowers.  Just so gorgeous I couldn’t get enough of it!


Lena Lake: James and I had a pretty awesome/interesting camping trip up to Lena Lake this summer.  Though we were pelted with rain for two days, I look at this picture now and only remember the beauty and stillness of the morning. It was stunning and so worth it.


Josh & Kasey: This picture only further intensifies my love for First Look’s and the emotion that they can evoke. I just swell up when I see groom’s see their bride for the first time.  It’s probably one of my favorite parts about photographing weddings.


Olympia: This picture quickly became one of my all time favorite “nature” pictures of the year.  I just love the ominous feel about it and can’t wait to see it blown up someday!


The Wyllie Clan: I know, I know, of all the pictures I have of these guys…. I can’t get over the expression on Jake and Katie’s face.  It is SO them.  Jake has so many character traits from his momma- especially his goofiness.


Ricky & Sarah: A stunning Bride isn’t she?  Her genuine smile comes from the man of her dreams standing behind me. I love how the clean yet soft black and white only enhances the beauty she radiated that day.


Alex: Sometimes I just love a clean and classy portrait.  Alex’s eyes are just dazzling and the colors are so beautifully rich.  What a gem!


Faith: My sweet sister.  Genuine is why I like this one so much… everything about it, but especially her smile!


Jake & Aly: Photographing reunions are some of the coolest things to be able to do.  If you want to see extremely RAW and unhindered emotion- there you have it… right there.  And, of course, a good black and white always enhances the mood! 🙂


Jon & Angel: This photo may just hit the very top of my favorites list.  Everything about it. The GORGEOUS lighting with an equally gorgeous couple, the angle- as if you are almost peering into their life for but a moment, the sharpness.  Best friends walking through life together…


Eric & Caitlyn: I just can’t get enough of the beautiful sun flare! I love when the sun is out and I can incorporate it into photos for some artistic flare.  Caitlyn has such a beautiful contented smile and sparkling eyes as she finds comfort and warmth in her soon to be husband’s arms. 🙂


Stroh Family: Oh my goodness I adore this sweet little ones expressions when her daddy was holding her! So precious!


Zissou Family: Speaking of sweet babies! Check out this little munchkin.  What beautiful eyes!


Bond Family: ha ha okay so maybe I wouldn’t count this as a normal shoot, but I did take the pictures so it works! I can’t get over this picture because I can SO clearly see the communication happening between these two (brother and sister) Allie- “Can’t you just put your arm around me?” James (thinking)- “Yeah, not going to happen”


David & Karlie: Ahh the light! I love the light! But even beyond the absolutely stunning light is the absolutely stunning, Karlie.  She is such a beauty.  I also love photographs where the husband looks at his wife. More often than not, that gaze he gives her so shows his adoration for the priceless beauty he holds!


My Family: So, again, technically probably not classified as a photo shoot, but I set the camera on the tripod so it counts! ha ha.  I had to include this photo because it contains those who I love most- my sweet family.  God so greatly blessed us in allowing us to go home this Christmas and I couldn’t leave without grabbing a picture of all of us together again finally!


Mike & Mariah: These two…I love this picture because trying to be seriousness is only that to them… trying. ha ha. These two could make each other and anyone around them have sore faces from smiling so much.  They are the epitome of how perfectly a Bride and Groom complement each other and I was so honored to end out my 2014 season with their wedding!


So there you have it! A blog post full of blessing.  If you were one of my clients this past year and are reading this, please know that I am so thankful and honored to have been a small part of your life this year. And to my future clients, I so look forward to meeting you and stepping into your life for a moment of time to capture some timeless images in 2015!

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