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As I am writing this post, the rain is coming down at a pretty steady pace. I go to open the window near my desk, (I love the sound of rain!) and seriously, right after I sit back down, it just stops. I mean like comes to a halt stop.  No slow sprinkle or passing mist.  It’s just gone.  Welcome to Washington….

Well, we have been here for just about a month and the rain is real.  But, I am loving it.  For right now, it doesn’t bother me.  I love the lushness all around me! So beautiful and colorful.  James, my husband, has started his job as a platoon leader, the house is pretty much set up, and the dinner menu for the month has been prepared.  We’ve already explored several places, found an awesome church with an equally encouraging small group, and I’ve already attended two FRG (family readiness group-to be explained in a later post) events.  But a midst all of the “setting up house and home” stuff, my mind has been restless.

You see, Washington was not only physically going to be our first “official” post, (Fort Benning was for training) but it was mentally my first place to “start”.  I had set  Ft. Benning as kind of a holding/learning  time for me.  I didn’t get a job because James’ training schedule was ridiculous, and I decided I wanted to be as available as I could be for him-especially since it was our first year of marriage.  Looking back, I do think that was a wise decision, but I now also see areas that I could have used my time better (don’t we all though). The fact of the matter is that Benning became my own training ground.  I got thrown into the life of a military wife with all of its trials, confusions, friendships, and responsibility.  I booked three weddings, offered a plethora of “practice shoots”; and threw myself into learning, researching, and experimenting.  It was truly a time of serious growth for me both physically, mentally, spiritually, and professionally.  But all of that to say, that book has closed and a new has open.  And this one I want to be read.  I want my life in Washington to help others and maybe, just maybe, encourage an overwhelmed photographer or a struggling wife who is far away from home.  Goodness knows I have had my share of both and will continue to.

What that entails… I’m not sure yet.  What I do know is that I want you to know a little more about my life as a Military Wife and Photographer.  I’ve had ideas running through my head (as always!) but we shall see what comes of them.  I do hope that through some of these more personal posts you will be able to see some of the inside of what goes on in a military family, and inside the life of a self-taught photographer trying to glorify Christ with her life.  But for now, I got to explore some of Olympia and Bainbridge Island this last week so enjoy some pretty pictures!























And of course, my day wouldn’t be complete (nor near as fun) without my best friend by my side!


Well, that’s it for t0day! Hope you are having a lovely Monday!

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    Lisa Bond - Beautiful photos! I enjoy reading your blog.ReplyCancel

  • January 14, 2015 - 2:40 am

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