Cross Country Adventure Part 2

Welcome back to our Cross Country Adventure! Today we will be traveling from Colorado all the way up into the great state of Washington where we currently reside! Let’s not waste time and get right into it!

Lets see… where did we leave off?  Oh yes! The Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel!  Wasn’t that place stunning?!  Well, there are more stunning scenes ahead so stick with me. 🙂

After the Air Force Academy we headed up to Denver, CO where we stayed with some of James’ family.  They were very accommodating and even took us to a few of their favorite spots! My favorite part was Red Rock where bands and orchestra’s from all over come to perform at.  The weather was beautiful and we so enjoyed seeing the local scenery and catching up with his family.


The drive from Colorado to Utah was just as spectacular with a bunch of different scenery changes along the way! So cool to drive across all different geographies let met tell ya!


Upon arriving in Utah we (for the first time on the trip) got a hotel! We had thoroughly enjoyed staying with family and friends but this was a nice break in the trip for us! We stayed at an awesome Embassy Suites with a to-die-for continental breakfast- SO STINKEN GOOD! ha ha. The best part though was going out to dinner together (one of our favorites- Buffalo Wild Wings) and then exploring the Great Salt Lake together.  It was just so nice to be on our own time and schedule and enjoy being alone together.  I (how I did this I don’t even know) somehow forgot to bring my camera back in the car with me after dropping all of our stuff off at the hotel though and we didn’t have time to run back and get it before the sun would be setting on the lake. So, my phone would have to do! I actually enjoyed trying to get different lightings with the phone.  Obviously it has not near the quality or capability of a DSLR, but I enjoyed it nonetheless and the pictures are some of my favorites. That is probably because I was with my favorite person at sunset and it was just lovely…. it reminded me of our engagement and made my heart swell with love for that man!


After our lovely stay in the Embassy, we headed north to Idaho! Our final destination was Boise but we had a stop along the way to make. It is known as the “Niagara Falls of the West”- Shoshone Falls.  Now, the falls were no way even close to Niagara Falls but we also came at a time when they were at their lowest (they are controlled falls) so yeah.  I thought they were beautiful nonetheless! I don’t know why but it kind of reminded me of Egypt…well, I’ve never been to Egypt, but that is what I would envision! lol. We also saw the snake river which was awesome! Just everything was so neat!


Ha ha.. Well this is my adventurer for ya!2014-04-24_00432014-04-24_00442014-04-24_0045

Love this man!2014-04-24_00462014-04-24_0047

After our fun stop we kept heading north into Boise for the night.  The next morning we were up and at it again for our final neck of the trip! Okay so funny story, somehow we missed Oregon’s sign initially.  How? I have no idea! I don’t know if we just didn’t see it (which seems quite impossible to me) or if there just wasn’t one on the highway we were on? (which seems equally ridiculous?!) Anyhow, that would just not do! We had not come through 9 states with pictures to miss one! So, we backtracked and searched for our sign! lol. It actually ended up being a beautiful drive because we went off the highway.  It took us out of our way like 40 minutes but it was so worth it! We actually had a guy stop and ask if we wanted help taking a picture so that is our only picture where one of us isn’t taking it!  Good memories Oregon gave us haha.  Oh yeah, AND Oregon also had this awesome scenic view stop that we stopped at and I got some pretty epic pictures of the rain storm taking over the plains.  Maybe we should have stayed in Oregon?….

2014-04-24_00482014-04-24_00492014-04-24_00502014-04-24_00512014-04-24_00522014-04-24_00532014-04-24_0054 Well, we didn’t stop in Oregon unfortunately but kept on going straight up! Washington’s sign was the absolute worst to take a picture of! Go figure… It was literally right off a crazy highway. I am sure we had people wondering what in the world we were doing.  It ended up being one of those quick out, picture, and back in! And I swear, right when we entered Washington it started raining ha ha.  But it is still an absolutely stunning state- so lush! We ended up making it into our friends house that evening just in time for a homemade dinner! Oh, and yeah our windshield cracked- on the last leg of the trip! Oh well, could have been way worse right?  At least we were both together and have both made it safe and sound to our new home…. Praise God.


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