Cross Country Adventure Part 1

Washington Bound! It feels like we had been talking about Washington forever and now it was finally here! Our route had been set, our truck delivered, and cleaning had begun.  What a crazy adventure we were about to embark on.  Well, we are now here in Washington so I can at least tell you the trip was a success! We made it safe and sound.  And the drive? Well, the drive was awesome.  Could we have done more? Oh my goodness, YES! But, I love what we did; and more importantly, I love that we did it together! So without further ado… welcome to our Cross Country Adventure Part 1: from our first home in Fort Benning, GA to the beautiful state of Colorado!

Before we even left Georgia, we had one last date down in Columbus.  James tricked me by saying he left his phone in the car and had to go back out and get it. So, I went in and got the table.  After our meal I came out to the car and low and behold, my new “trip shoes” were waiting for me…. I just love that man!

2014-04-21_0003So we wanted to do something or get something in every state that we went in, but we were lacking in imagination so, we took pictures! Though it was a simple thought, it turned out to be a lot of fun and will make for a great Trip book 🙂 We decided on splitting up our trip into travel days and rest days.  Consequently, on our travel days we would get up really early in the morning and spend all day on the road in an effort to enjoy a day or two at the places that we stopped. I really liked the way we did it because in the end we really didn’t “feel” too much of the trip.

So Day 1 was obviously a travel day and off we went at 5 a.m. in the morning leaving our first home together….2014-04-21_0005

We ended up going through 4 states our first travel day.  The south east states were, well… interesting.  Maybe it was the time of day and weather but they just seemed kind of eerie and unpleasant to me.  :/ I am sure that there are parts that are beautiful just like any state, but yeah, swamps…not cool.


We did go into a bunch of the visitor’s centers though! They were really interesting.  Mississippi’s was a gorgeous Victorian Style house-feel while Louisiana’s was an equally gorgeous marble wide-open bright center!  So uniquely different, but both stunning!


Our first stop was Texas! James had wanted to go to Texas for who knows how long ha ha. He was thrilled to finally be there.  We stayed with some of our friends family while we were there and explored the town of Denton, TX as well as a little of Fort Worth.  As advised by our friends, we hit up some phenomenal sushi the night we got in! My mouth is watering right now it was so good (and maybe because I am hungry! ha ha) The next day we visited some of the sites. Denton had a beautiful square with some cute shops and places to stop, but the stockyards at Ft. Worth was where the “touristy” Texas came in.  That’s where we found all the cowboy hats, boots, and buckles hiding.  We enjoyed walking around there for a little bit as well to round out our day in Texas.


After Texas was another long travel day to get to Colorado.  I LOVED this travel day.  It definitely was one of my favorites.  We had bought an Adventures in Odyssey series before the trip to listen to and this was the day we used most of it up! For those Whit’s End fans, it was the ‘Novacom’ series…so good! But besides having a good series to listen to, I just loved the view! Driving up through Northwest Texas was crazy with the vast open plains and all the land! There were a ton of eerie oil rigs that I had never seen before as well as a bunch of creepy ghost towns.  So cool!


Once through Texas we hit the panhandle of Oklahoma and then headed south to New Mexico! The wide open roads were just awesome; and when we got out of the car to take our state sign picture it was SOO crazy quiet. Plus, there were tumbleweeds! I didn’t even know those things really existed! Well, they sure do! We hit some driving… and they are massive! I just had to get a picture with one 🙂




Our drive through New Mexico brought us right into the bottom of Colorado.  James saw the mountains off in the distance first and about jumped out of his seat with excitement! It was so cool to drive toward and into the mountains! P.S.- so sorry about the pictures–windshield was nasty… ;0



Our first stop in Colorado was Colorado Springs, where we stayed with some good friends from our Community Group who had just recently moved out there.  We had such an awesome time with them.  Amy cooked us some yummy homemade meals and they all were able to join us on some of our sightseeing! Our first day there we headed up to Pike’s Peak! Wowzers was it cold at the top! But, how breathtakingly beautiful it was at the same time!


After Pike’s Peak, James and I explored Old Colorado City and enjoyed some delicious pizza and homemade chocolates before heading out to the Garden of the gods!


The Garden of the gods was awesome. It was in a totally different place than I expected though. I was thinking all the rocks were like out in the middle of nowhere that you would have to drive some distance to get to them.  Nope! They are right in the middle of Colorado Springs with a bunch of houses surrounding them.  Still awesome though!


On our second day in Colorado we decided to be adventurous. Maybe a little too adventurous. We started off bright and early in the morning and drove up to the Manitou Incline which we then hiked. Now, this is not your typical hike. The Manitou Incline is a popular trail in Colorado Springs that brings beginner and experienced hikers from all around. Actually by trail, I mean incline, and by incline I mean old railway. It is a mile long incline that veers up 2,000 ft. in elevation within that mile.  It was snowing when we reached the top….yeah. The inclined kicked our butts- especially the altitude change! But we did it, and the hike back down the other side of the mountain was beautiful and such a breeze! It was so cold that James’ sweat frosted on his face and we would see people coming back down the mountain with the tops of their hair frosted! ha!


Yeah, so needless to say we got our workout in for the day! After the hike we rounded out our Colorado Springs time visiting Focus on the Family’s headquarters as well as Whit’s End (!) from Adventures in Odyssey (remember the Novacom series..?) , and the beautiful Air Force Cadet Chapel before heading up to family in Denver.


Well, that wraps up Part 1 of our cross country adventure! Part 2 will take us from Denver, Colorado all the way into DuPont, Washington!  Did I mention how blessed we were to take this trip? Isn’t God’s creation just so absolutely stunning and majestic?  I can’t even imagine how much more beautiful He is.  Well, here’s for a Happy Tuesday! See you again tomorrow!


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