A Lovely Weekend

This past weekend, as you know, consisted of both Valentines Day and President’s Day making for a 4 day holiday in the military realm! WOOP WOOP! James started it off just splendidly with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, my favorite (really bad for you!) cookies, and a whopping loaf of French Bread…*be still my heart* He knows me well.  So, I decided to take some more unique pictures of my flowers instead of doing the whole iphone snap thing.  I am a photographer right? And so, the pro camera came out…. But I didn’t stop there.  We had a ton of fun the rest of the weekend and I decided to capture some of my favorite parts- making chocolate covered strawberries and our many games of chess.  I love our chess set and had a ton of fun trying out some unique angles! I hope your weekend was just as sweet! Enjoy!


LOVE: why we live   HOPE: what we live for   FAITH: what we live by

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