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Tyler & Emily :: Tacoma, WA Engagement

A stroll down the streets of Tacoma and a walk down a beautiful Washington beach summed up this evening engagementView full post »

Conrad Couple :: Point Defiance Park, WA

May I just first say that I love these type of sessions. Meet the Conrad couple.  A beautiful couple with super sweetView full post »

2014 Photography Look-Back

Looking back at 2014 and all that happened with my photography is pretty astounding to me. Not only can I see theView full post »

David & Karlie :: Chambers Bay, Steilacoom

Welcome back to an absolutely stunning session with two very special people. David and Karlie are one of the sweetestView full post »

Jon & Angelina :: Fort Steilacoom Park, WA

Meet Jon and Angelina.  An absolutely gorgeous couple that made their session hit my top favorites list.  The locationView full post »

Eric & Caitlyn :: Tacoma, WA

Meet some of the most relaxed and “at ease with each other” couples I’ve ever photographed.  From theView full post »

Adam & Emily :: Point Defiance Park, WA

What an absolutely gorgeous night all around! The weather was beautiful and Adam and Emily just fit togetherView full post »

Jacob & Amanda :: Tolmie State Park, WA

When I had first started emailing with Amanda back and forth, I knew that this couple was going to be great becauseView full post »

Dan and Bre :: DuPont, WA

Words don’t quite form adequately when it comes to describing these two. If you keep up with my blog at all, youView full post »

Markham Couple :: Columbus, GA

Meet our sweet friends Ali and Reed who we kind of switched places with!  They came from Ft. Lewis into Ft. Benning andView full post »

Rick and Rossi :: Columbus, GA Couple

So, every photographer needs practice right?  Well, welcome to one of my “practice” shoots with one of theView full post »

Sean & Amanda :: Columbus, GA Couple

Though sometimes I see my shoots as “work” it’s not often (until I get to the computer that is haView full post »

Another Schweinsburg, Another Friend

As you read in my previous post of the Wyllie family, my time at home was spent with several shoots. This one justView full post »

Columbus with the Cash’s

If ever I had a couple that I wish I could have done their wedding… this would be one.  Ryan and Tori are justView full post »

Another Courtney

It’s not often that I hear my name anymore. It’s one of those classics ya know? Easily looked over with allView full post »