Baby Nora | Fayetteville, NC Lifestyle Nursery Photographer

Welcome to my first lifestyle nursery session in North Carolina! Actually, it was my first ever “session” in North Carolina even though it may have been a little impromptu. Those of you who follow along the blog at all know that the Baker’s faces are not new to it! We’ve had several fun sessions together including an anniversary session, maternity, lifestyle, and I even used Bre for a stylized Bridal session. They were my go to people out in WA for some good practice and fun memory making 🙂

Needless to say it was no easy task leaving them behind as we made our way across the country, but thank goodness we live in a day and age where we can travel! Bre and Nora blessed us with a visit for a week to help us start setting up our own nursery.  While we were at it, we of course had to snag some photos of baby Nora.  And it just so happened that she turned 5 months while staying with us and really learned how to sit up! What perfect memories to capture.

   Back story to some of the photos: The day James and I found out we were pregnant, we knew we had to tell Dan and Bre (they told us the day they found out as well) so we quickly devised a plan to head over to their house that night for a “game night” and surprise them with a gift. This wasn’t unnormal for us to do as Bre was pregnant with Nora at the time and we randomly would bring over something for them or the baby.  This gift, however, just so happened to be two matching “Adventure Buddies” onesies- one the size of a newborn and the other for a 9 month old.  The idea was for our little ones to wear them one day together.

Fast forward to today as baby Nora sits in her “Adventure Buddies” room watching it all come together.  As we knew could possibly be the case when buying clothes, Nora actually fits her onesie now so we decided to grab some photos of her with baby boy’s mountain just in case she doesn’t fit it when he actually arrives! Thankfully shirts don’t establish friendships! ha ha.  But we do hope and pray that one day we will all be physically close enough again to all adventure together- this time as a six some instead of a four.

Happy 5 months sweet Nora! We love you!

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