Lifestyle Nursery Session | Greyson | Puyallup, WA

lifestyle nursery session greyson courtneybondphotography-17

Lifestyle sessions are quickly becoming a true love/hate relationship of mine. ha ha. I LOVE how intimate and raw and fun these sessions are, but hate the struggle of what my amazingly God-designed eyes see and the limitations of my camera in replicating that.  Indoor lighting can be tough!  But, it also makes me slow down a little more than when I am outside and try to figure out how to work with lighting that is both cool and warm, dark and light, at the same time.  Not always an easy feat!

All of that being said, the love more than outweighs the struggle and this session was no different! Greyson is such a miraculous blessing for Aly and Jake and I was more than honored to capture some of his sweet baby years before they quickly slip by.  Greyson’s room was ADORABLE, and I am loving how grey is making a huge debut in the nursery world.  It is such a fantastic color to use as the base because it pairs well with almost any other color. It also gives a very sweet and soothing feel to the nursery- clean and comfortable.  Aly is also quite the crafty lady and you can see her creative mind all over the nursery from the cute little signs to her choice of accent colors and decor. The perfect blend for baby and boy. 🙂 Another sweet item in Greyson’s room is his toy chest that used to be his Daddy’s (Jake) made by Jake’s grandfather and reworked a little bit by Jake to keep the legacy going. I just love those sentimental pieces in a nursery!

Greyson, may you grow up to have the humor and hard working attributes of your father with the sweet smile and disposition of your beautiful mother.  I hope you always know how very loved you are and learn to appreciate all you’ve been given…

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