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Nay Aug Park Engagement Session Courtney Bond Photography

It’s been sort of a sisterly affair lately here on the blog! And what better way to end it out then with an engagement session at Nay Aug Park  and downtown Scranton with these two gorgeous people! My time back home in PA was nothing short of wonderful and I was so blessed and thankful to be able to photograph such precious times in my sister’s lives while there! I mean what are the odds that when I get to be home would be the season that my oldest sister adds a little girl to her sweet family, my middle sister gets engaged, and my youngest sister is prepping to begin her senior year of high school! It was pretty neat.

So today I bring to you the last and final sister to make her appearance on the blog, Ashlea, and her tall and handsome fiance, Wagner.  Don’t be dismayed though.. you are about to see a whole lot of pretty coming your way in just over a month when there wedding photos start surfacing! eek! But for now you can get a pretty good sneak peek at how amazing their wedding photos are going to be, because these people are just plain gorgeous! It’s no secret that I’ve got some beautiful sister’s and it definitely is a joy to be able to photograph them and their loved ones.

Ashlea and Wagner were no different and we had a blast meandering through Nay Aug Park finding some pretty epic spots to photograph their love for each other.  And because they know the photographer pretty well (and possibly because Wagner forgot his other pair of pants), I let them have a second day where they got to change outfits and hairstyles (namely Ashlea, of course) and we meandered the streets of downtown Scranton together. By then they were pros so their wedding should be a gorgeous breeze… except for the fact that I’m both in it and photographing it…. yeah, stay tuned for that one, my friends! 😉
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