Leah | Senior 2017 | Tacoma, WA Senior Photographer


Meet my most recent gorgeous Senior of 2017! Leah was such a sweetheart to work with and so easy! I have never before seen a girl be able to turn on a beautiful smile and in one second transfer it into a more “modelesque” pose without even flinching.  She was such a breeze! Since this girl loves all things Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, I thought that would be a fitting place to bring out her personality in her photos.  I love that we were able to grab two completely separate “feels” for her senior portrait session.  We started off first in the deep woods with the amazing Washington trees, and I loved the “enchanted forest” feel it gave with the morning sun just starting to peek through.  It didn’t take long for me to realize what key words or phrases I could put out to make her smile and I really had to only do it once as just the thought of it made her laugh for the rest of the day! See what I mean? This girl was so easy! ha ha.

After roaming through the stately trees, we headed back out to the main part of Point Defiance Park where the gardens lie.  The sun was continuing to slowly rise and we used it’s soft morning glow to our advantage! I’m convinced that girls and pretty flowers make for one of the best combinations.  And with the rose garden slowly fading away into the Fall season I for sure wanted to grab some of Leah’s senior portraits with some of the blooms still left. We found some lovely light pink roses in the perfect location and those portraits turned out to be my most favorite from the session- light, airy, crisp, and just plain gorgeous!

We meandered a little more through the park area and found some other beautifully lit places to round out our time together and I’d say it was more than a success. I hope you have a fantastic senior year, Leah! It was such a blast hanging out with you 🙂

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