Robbie & Danni | Tacoma Engagement


It was a gray morning when we pulled up to the pier in Tacoma for this soon to be stunner of an engagement session.  James and I popped out of the car and I instantly felt the cool breeze nipping at my covered skin.  I looked over to find Danni and Robbie ready to go.  We walked over to introduce ourselves, and I quickly complimented Danni on how beautiful she looked yet in the same sentence apologized that she was going to have to freeze for a little bit.  She assured me she’d be fine and I agreed as we females will do most anything for a good photo! ha ha.

As we began the session, I immediately fell in love with their tender compassion for each other.  High school sweethearts are so…… well…. sweet! Danni was truly a priceless gem to Robbie and I loved capturing it just as much as I loved seeing it.   Growing up together, these two definitely had a bond of friendship that could readily be seen. Robbie, new to the Army by several months, was looking good in his new uniform, and Danni’s smile proved she was so proud of the man she was soon to marry.

From the pier, we moved into the heart of Tacoma and hit up the beautiful arches of the Union Station and ended at a gorgeous ivy covered wall!  Danni popped on some killer gold heels with a classy lace romper and as we got to be more comfortable with each other the fun continued.

Danni and Robbie, your Tacoma engagement session was the highlight of my weekend! Thank you so much for allowing us to step into your lives for a moment and capture some beautiful memories for you. We wish you the best in your wedding plans and a beautiful marriage!


  • October 7, 2016 - 5:34 am

    Michaella - Where exactly is this ivy wall at in Tacoma?ReplyCancel

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