Keith & Ashley | Seattle Engagement


It was a little bit of a stop and go getting up through Seattle to meet up with Keith and Ashley on a Thursday evening, but so worth it! Ashley had chosen the Seattle Japanese garden and Union Park for their Seattle engagement session and I was super excited for some new locations to shoot at. My husband, James, even surprised me and took off work early so he could drive and help me out! If you knew how much I disliked driving in cities, you would know just how much of a loving gesture this was for me! Plus, my sessions are always so much more fun and enjoyable when my husband is around :). Anyhow, I digress… back to Keith and Ashley!

A South Carolinian (is that a word?) at heart, Keith recently just transferred up here to the great PNW.  A little bit of a culture change from the chivalrous and friendly South to say the least!  Their story began through Boeing and business trips and eventually blossomed into what I got to capture that Thursday evening- a beautiful and joyous love.  Oh my goodness these two were a joy to be around.  Ashley had such an infectious smile that was hard for her to ever hide and Keith doted on her like the Beauty she is. You can tell  they are best friends at heart and I absolutely LOVE how Keith was so attentive to her.

We started at the Japanese garden where the colors were in full bloom! It was stunning! We walked and danced (well they danced ha ha… ) our way through the paths and flying ducks, having fun the whole time.  We then jumped into our vehicles to finish up out at the pier at Union Park.  The sun was slowly fading as we finished up their session with the sailboats as our backdrop.

Keith and Ashley, it was more than a pleasure meeting you both! We had such a fantastic time with you and so appreciate your willingness to hang out with us for the evening. We hope all the wedding plans continue to run smoothly and wish you a fantastic marriage!




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