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Courtney Bond Photography Bridal Guide The Wedding Experience

It’s complete! After one week of red eyes, sore wrists, and proofreads up the galore, my first ever Bridal Guide is finished, and I am SO happy!  This was yet another project that I had on my to do list for the year that also had a time crunch on it pushing me to complete it within one week! If you didn’t read about my first big massive project (my wedding welcome kit) you can back up and find that here.  Both of these projects had a lot in common- namely the fact that both had a super time crunch with me working in a program that I barely knew how to use.  Cheers to learning curves with limited time! ha ha.  Before I get into the details of how it was done, let me first explain to you what this Bridal Guide actually is.  This is a 74 page (!) MAGAZINE (so cool!) filled to the brim with anything a Bride could need to know about having the best photographic experience possible on her wedding day- things like timelines, bridal prep, first looks, reception details, etc… The list goes on! It also has a bunch of helpful tips when it comes to just the general planning  process of the wedding day.

Now, to get such a massive project done this quickly in a program I didn’t really remember how to use, (I say remember because I totally had a class in InDesign like 4 years ago, but…. have I told you about how bad my memory is?!) I invested in a template done by the very talented Katelyn James Photography! And let me tell you, that was probably one of the best investments I could have made with a project like this! Instead of starting with an absolutely blank slate that probably would have taken me a month+ to complete, I had all the designed pages ready to go! I just needed to fill them and rework things to make it my own.  Which, by the way, still takes so much longer than you would think! Who would’ve thought choosing photos to put into this book would be the absolute hardest part! But anyhow, the template was bought, which then led me to activate the
“trial” version of InDesign through Adobe’s nifty Creative Cloud to get started working! And then I was off to the races! It was a long week of work, but I loved every minute of it.  After I was finally complete and had a couple eyes proofread it through, it was time to upload it to MagCloud.  Then came the waiting game.  Thankfully it was only a week later before I finally got to hold one in my hands.  And that my friends, was an exciting moment! MagCloud did such an amazing job with it. It is truly such a rush to be holding your photos, now turned into a legit publication, in your hands.  I was so excited, relieved, and happy all at the same time and I couldn’t wait to share it with my friends and family!  The final step came in delivering them to my Brides, and it was with another surge of joy that I handed them to two of my Brides and packaged up the other to make it’s trek to Pennsylvania.

This year’s goals are all about creating consistency across the board with my website and marketing materials as well as doing things that will enhance my professionalism, make me stand out among the rest, and ultimately serve my clients better.  I think this Bridal Magazine fits all of those goals to a tee and I couldn’t be happier with it!  Thank you for walking along this crazy passion of mine with me as I continue to grow my business and my love for what I do… Up next, portrait sessions e-books for my clients 🙂

Courtney Bond Photography Bridal Guide The Wedding ExperienceCourtney Bond Photography Bridal Guide The Wedding ExperienceCourtney Bond Photography Bridal Guide The Wedding ExperienceCourtney Bond Photography Bridal Guide The Wedding ExperienceCourtney Bond Photography Bridal Guide The Wedding Experience

  • January 30, 2017 - 8:55 pm

    Ashley B - I purchased KJ’s bridal guide on Black Friday- reading this today has SO MOTIVATED me to get started on it! I am kind of intimidated because I have never used InDesign before but I figure like anything else I just have to dive in and figure it out! Thanks for sharing and your site/work are beautiful!ReplyCancel

    • February 21, 2017 - 8:31 pm

      Courtney Bond - Gosh, I feel you! I had limited to no knowledge of what I was doing but I figured it out and I’m sure you will too! Best of luck!ReplyCancel

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