A Bit of Bond | Winter Fun & New Adventures


Good Morning and welcome to a Bit of Bond winter style! I know spring has just dawned so I thought it would be the perfect time to recap our winter fun out here in the PNW.  This year we were able to try snowshoeing for the very first time and fell in love with it! We ended up being able to get out several different times in all different areas and SO enjoyed the beauty that this part of the country has to offer. Both growing up in Pennsylvania, we definitely had our fair share of snowy days, but there is definitely something much different about actually being able to go to it and leave it behind when wanted.  We were also blessed with some beautiful days as we snowshoed our way through the forests and mountains of the area.  We were able to explore the Snoqualmie area, Leavenworth, Mt. Rainier, and Mt. St. Helens!

We had a little bit of a lull in our adventures come January as James was gone for the month training; but we picked right back up when he got home and hit up Mt. St. Helens again with some friends, rested a bit in a yurt on Whidby Island, explored the Hoh Rainforest, and most recently, hiked the hills of Yakima. I also enjoyed flying home while James was gone to photograph a college friend’s wedding and see my family! The timing also worked out perfectly for me to be able to celebrate my nephew’s third birthday and spend some more time holding my sweet little niece.  We are now enjoying the changing weather and wish it would change a little faster so our nights in the tent aren’t as chilly; but we are still loving our time here in the PNW and feel extremely blessed to be able to have the means and time to explore this great country!


A new sport we’ve created… Boulder Jumping.  Looks fun right?!snowshoeMt.St.Helens-41snowshoeMt.St.Helens-51snowshoeMt.St.Helens-54snowshoeMt.St.Helens-74

My growing WAY too fast nephews! LOVE them.

Carters Birthday Addy-70

The newest addition to the family… sweet baby Addyson. Carters Birthday Addy-194

We all pitched in to rent a house for the weekend and each picked a meal as a couple to cover.  It was such a great weekend of relaxation and fellowship with our closest friends here!

Next up was visiting Whidby Island to celebrate James’ birthday! LifewiththeBondWhidbyIsland-22

That’s sea clay on his hands… It was pretty neat! LifewiththeBondWhidbyIsland-15LifewiththeBondWhidbyIsland-17

While at Whidby we hiked a Bluffs Trail that put us high above the beautiful coast line and allowed us to soak it all in from a bird’s eye view. IT was breathtaking!LifewiththeBondWhidbyIsland-23LifewiththeBondWhidbyIsland-29

Our view from the Yurt we stayed in! LifewiththeBondWhidbyIsland-31

The Hoh Rainforest was quite the site to see! Thankfully it didn’t rain on us! Phew… No one likes to be soaking wet when backpacking.  We were really pushing our luck though going to a RAINforest in the middle of the RAINy season! Ha. BackpackingHohRainforest-3

This guy and his hammock…. He will ALWAYS find a place for it. lol.BackpackingHohRainforest-5BackpackingHohRainforest-8

We camped right on the riverbed with this STUNNING view as our backdrop!BackpackingHohRainforest-13BackpackingHohRainforest-10BackpackingHohRainforest-16

It’s amazing how different it was in the forest compared to outside on the river looking back in!BackpackingHohRainforest-24

Most recently we hit up Umtanum Ridge in the Yakima Valley! Holy cow are those hills deceiving… I’m still sore…UmtanumRidgeYakimaBackpacking-2

UmtanumRidgeYakimaBackpacking-10UmtanumRidgeYakimaBackpacking-9Umtanum Ridge-1UmtanumRidgeYakimaBackpacking-11

And of course, on our way home I had to grab a picture of the beautiful snowy mountains.  It’s so fun living in an area with such a vast range of geography! One hour you can be in the desert and the next you see this!

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