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MarketingFULL-1Hi there friends and welcome back to the blog! Today I am bringing you along with me to see a little bit of the behind the scenes work that has been going on this year!  Eek 🙂  My big goal for 2016 is to begin branding myself and designing marketing materials.  In my head that meant finding or creating a logo, choosing particular fonts and color schemes, and than translating all of that into my website and marketing materials.  In addition to that, I also have other goals of completing my “marketing set” with a sample album for my Bride’s and designing a Bridal Guide (stay tuned!).  This all sounded fantastic in my mind, but Photoshop is definitely not my forte.  I have barely ever used it since I work almost exclusively in Lightroom. However, when a goal is set, even if I gave myself a whole year to complete it, it will be done as quickly as possible. I’m totally a list girl and if something is on that list, it takes most of my attention until its off.  What’s more, I received a wedding inquiry in February.  Whelp, up to this point I had been pretty frustrated with my lack of presentation at my meet ups with Brides.  My first two years of business were focused on gear so there wasn’t too much left for the pretty marketing.  I decided it was time to take the plunge and just go for it, Photoshop skills or not! And that is exactly what I did.  I set up a meeting with this Bride for the following week which meant I had exactly one week to figure out how to design a marketing set, what to include, how to order it, than get it ordered, what I was going to present it in, order that, and have it all arrive on time for my meeting. Head first I dove. ha ha. Cue Bittersweet Design Boutique.  Thankfully I had been watching these designers for a while and loved their stuff so I already had an arm up on the process.  I perused their site for a while and then picked my favorite template.  Half the work was already done for me! Now, to get and than figure out a little of Photoshop! I’ve always bought Lightroom, but decided it was time to give this whole Creative Cloud thing a try. So here steps in Photoshop.  Three days later with a VERY sore wrist and red eyes, my marketing set emerged.  I about cried when I got it back from the printing press.  It looked SO good and FELT so good to finally have something that I felt represented me and my work well and looked professional. While designing, I was also researching for some way to present all the material well.  I landed on a sight called Loktah and ordered a few different options of portfolios and boxes.  Those arrived just in time and were the PERFECT touch to the marketing materials.  Check, Check, and Check.  That night I arranged all of my materials together and walked out the door the next morning with much more confidence than I ever had before.  Thankfully, it must have worked, because I booked the wedding!


**If you are a photographer looking for a way to create some marketing materials, I highly recommend purchasing a template to start out with.  They were such a help! My template of choice was from Bittersweet Design Boutique but there are so many options out there.  All of my materials were printed from Miller’s and my portfolio (not photographed) came from Loktah.  Hope all this info helps!Photography-Marketing-SetPhotography-Marketing-SetFinalMarketingSet-6Photography-Marketing-Setphotography-marketing-setPhotography-Marketing-SetPhotography-Marketing-SetPhotography-Marketing-Set

*Behind the Lens Photographs were taken by the talented Savannah Ashley Photography*

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