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It’s always a bittersweet day to see good friends leave for their next big Army adventure.  The military definitely has a way of forcing quick but lasting friendships and this one was no different.  The Stroh family was our first “face” of James’ new unit out here in Washington (almost two years ago now!) as Sean ended up being James’ Company Commander.  With that came Melissa, his beautiful and loyal wife by his side heading the FRG (family readiness group) that would soon welcome me into the unit and make me feel right at home.  Melissa was so influential in those first few months of trying to acclimate to a new place.  I still remember her initial phone call welcoming us into the unit and inviting me to my first coffee. She graciously drove me there, and over the next few months I began to form deep friendships with many of the ladies in that group. Melissa was pregnant when I first met her and I still remember the day Piper Sue came into the world.  She soon became the joy of all of us military wives as we got together while our men were gone. It’s been so neat and such a blessing to see her grow over this last year.  It’s fun to see how much the littlest ones change, and how they interact with their parents and the world around them.  Many silent lessons have been learned from watching this strong family and I am sad to see them go, but excited for them as they set out on their next adventure back near home! Stay little, Piper Sue, and thank you Sean and Melissa for your influence on both of our lives and for allowing me to capture a little part of yours…


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