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As I sit here going over all the last minute travel details before I board my plane to head back home to PA for my first wedding shoot of the year (!!), its seems fitting to be posting about what a blessing 2015 was.  As a military wife, owning your own business definitely has its hardships. Sure, photography can move with me just about anywhere (major pro),  but unfortunately my clients don’t move with me (major con).  Every move requires setting up business again with new laws to find out about and abide by.  I have to find new locations to shoot at, new clients who want to be photographed, and new friends to start spreading the word.  And that all takes a very long time. Thankfully, though I operate as a business, my heart knows and is okay with it just being what it can be- a passion.  I’m blessed to have a husband that more than abundantly provides for our needs allowing me to just do what I love and love doing it.  My heart is full as I look back on these memories from the past year.  So many dear friends that came beside me and allowed me to photograph them just because I was dying to shoot and didn’t have any clients knocking down my door at the time! (Again… takes time- just about the length of time we are ever in one place before we move again. HA!) I met so many new friends and faces and was blessed by each one that allowed me to step into and capture their lives.  Would I have loved to have more?  Always.  But for now, I’ll be thankful for those I had and let you step into a portion of my heart as I share with you some of my favorites from this past year.


Something I hope to continue more into this new year are more stylized sessions with my beautiful friends.  I can’t believe my first session of last year was with my good friend Julia down there holding the flowers and balloons- and she’s now pregnant with her first baby girl! What a year can do!

Julia stylized-0009

I still can’t get over the fact that Savannah and I were able to shoot my dear friend, Bre, at sunset on a horse farm! *squeal* That was just so magical and lovely.BreBre

Ahh… the weddings.  Oh how I love the weddings. I just can’t get enough of them! This year’s line up took me to Oregon, a few different places in Washington, and Puerto Rico! How fantastic!


By far, one of the greatest blessings of last year though was meeting this beautiful lady down here. Julianna has become a very dear friend and I’m so happy that God put our paths together.  Just about a year ago she inquired about shooting some photos for a life and style blog she wanted to start.  I don’t think either of us knew what would come of that simple request.  Almost 22 sessions later, I more than look forward to shooting with her just about every 2 weeks; because when your friends with similar hearts, there’s no work…. just fun :).  And please, if you haven’t visited her blog, you need to! She’s pretty amazing.  www.blushandcamo.com

Julianna Life&Style11-64

To top it all, I got to walk through some life with this girl and was ecstatic when she became engaged a couple months ago! This isn’t the “official” engagement photo but they are coming and they are going to be AMAZING! So stay tuned on that one! JuliannaandChuck-27

Oh, and I totally bought a macro lens right after I found out she got engaged, because I mean… look at that ring!?! And, I’m totally in love with the lens now!

Though Maternity isn’t a speciality of mine, I had some beautiful pregnant Momma’s this year that I was happy to be able to photograph!

Impellezzeri Maternity-278



Oh my Senior’s were so full of life! SaraCourtneyBondPhotography-28Amelia-5385

I had such a blast being able to photograph this stunning Mom of two! What a fun session to have!

Sandra Barr Portrait-66

My families were so sweet and endearing and you can definitely tell how I tend toward those more intimate and candid moments as my favorites! Of course I love the traditional posed ones too, but I just LOVE when I can capture those moments in between!

uthmanfamily-10McFarlin Family-17Julian Family-56Julian Family-32Bryan Family-59

Garcia Family-18Garcia Family-74Tompkins Family-48Seney Family-4Fugent Family-16This year I also tried a little something new and dubbed it as a “Lifestyle Nursery Session”.  And let me tell you, I am in love with these sessions! I think the raw emotions and candidness of the photos are just so beautiful, and they capture such a unique time in a mother’s life with her precious little one. Looking back on these images still makes me beam!

Baby Emmarie-198Baby Emmarie-112Baby Piper-165Baby Piper-67

And then there are my couples.  From newlyweds to many years of marriage, they are my absolute favorite sessions.  I so enjoy capturing their personalities, their love, and the way they make each other smile.  It truly is a beautiful thing.Olmsted Couple-61Bryan Family-17Fugent Family-62Garcia Family-10Julian Family-70McFarlin Family-56Impellezzeri Maternity-17-2Tompkins Family-70Tyler&Emily-4Peschell Family-66Josh&Kelsey-13

Thank you all for letting me step into your lives this year! I hope you will looks back on those captured memories for years to come!

And now… off to the first wedding of the year!

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