Fugent Family | JBLM, WA

Fugent Family-3Meet the Fugent family! We ventured out on a chilly morning and managed to get these beautiful fall photos in before the rain started again. Miss Beatrice was a doll baby at just 4 weeks old and Louisa was as inquisitive as ever at that age.  She loved her new baby sissy and gave lots of sister kisses! Adam and Sophia were naturals in front of the camera, and I loved the chance to be able to snap a few of just them together.  Enjoy!


Fugent Family-10Fugent Family-14Fugent Family-4Fugent Family-74Fugent Family-43Fugent Family-16Fugent Family-71Fugent Family-23Fugent Family-52Fugent Family-25Fugent Family-18Fugent Family-20Fugent Family-59Fugent Family-55Fugent Family-39Fugent Family-44Fugent Family-51Fugent Family-47Fugent Family-34Fugent Family-68

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