Garcia Family | Solo Point, WA

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Almost a year and a half ago, God brought the Garcia family into my life.  After several agonizing months of trying to figure out what kind of job I wanted that would compliment my photography business and our military lifestyle, and then subsequently applying for jobs; an email came from Kari concerning being a nanny for her two daughters.  I remember reading the email and thinking that it sounded perfect except for the hours I thought I needed.   So I initially regretfully declined. But the Lord knew better, and  I couldn’t get the offer out of my head.  Two girls at an age I knew I would love, a military family, and most importantly- a family that loved the Lord. So, I sent an email back her way knowing that if this really was where God wanted me, He would make it all work out.  And He did.  It was June of last year when Bella and Lily stepped off the bus for me to meet them for the first time.  Shy and hesitant, they introduced themselves and then went upstairs to play as I talked with Vince and Kari. 

Now, Bella and Lily have my heart.  Next to James, they are the ones I spend the most time with and want to spend my time with.  I know their likes and dislikes. I know their favorite places to eat and their favorite things to play.  I’ve gotten to watch Bella’s sweet and gentle spirit and Lily’s feisty yet sensitive spirit continue to be refined, and I couldn’t feel more blessed to have stepped into their lives…

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