Tim & Carolyn | Nisqually Wildlife Preserve, WA

Olmsted Couple-31

It was such a pleasure meeting Tim & Carolyn just a few days ago. So many laughs!  Enjoy walking with us through the Nisqually Wildlife Preserve while I captured some of that gorgeous smile Carolyn possesses and the man who brings it out of her…

~::~::~::~Olmsted Couple-48

Olmsted Couple-6Olmsted Couple-23Olmsted Couple-74Olmsted Couple-2Olmsted Couple-63Olmsted Couple-53Olmsted Couple-9Olmsted Couple-10Olmsted Couple-62Olmsted Couple-14Olmsted Couple-32Olmsted Couple-55Olmsted Couple-80Olmsted Couple-49Olmsted Couple-44Olmsted Couple-68Olmsted Couple-47Olmsted Couple-65Olmsted Couple-72

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