South-Bound Bonds Bloopers

SouthBoundBonds-131With every trip comes it’s memories right?  Some good, some not so good, and some just down right funny.  Well this trip was no different.  We obviously had an awesome time with lots of good memories to hold onto.  We also had some rough times where we realized we forgot some pretty vital things, I fell, James got poison oak, I got sick etc… As most every trip goes though, those tough times will start to fade and the good memories will supersede.  No, we won’t forgot those rougher points, but the feelings we had at the time will greatly lessen.  Among both the good and the “bad” though there is also the funny.  And a lot of those times for us come with trying to set up a picture of the both of us.  And in case anyone was wondering exactly  how we do that, it happens a few different ways.  The primary way of doing this though is finding a spot that works to set the camera.  My camera has been placed all over the place. Wherever I can find a stable surface at a good enough angle is where it’s going. Then comes the process of focusing, setting the timer, and running to James.  Seems pretty simple.  And sometimes it is.  Other times, I don’t quite make it….


For this one we had my tripod.  That helps, however my smile obviously didn’t quite make the shutter.

This one still makes me laugh.  My camera is just sitting on a stump ready to go.  My initial jump to get up to James didn’t work and I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t muster up the strength to try again.  Someone had to be smiling though when the timer went off!bloopers-4

  This is our typical set up for photos.  I find a place for the camera (this particular one being a rock) and have James go stand where I want the photo.  Often I have him lift his hand because my camera is at such an angle that I can’t focus on his face and I need something to focus on.  This is called the “Hey!” photo set up.bloopers-1

There’s that hand again haha… and a backpack that needed to move!bloopers-5

This particular photo was taken not too long after my fall and James finally took over so I didn’t have to keep running back and forth 🙂



This one apparently took a couple takes..bloopers-9

He’s a trooper lolbloopers-10

Trying to look cool..bloopers-12

Take one.bloopers-13

Take two.

Not quite ready…bloopers-15

And then you have those photos that everything is set up just right but yeah…bloopers-16bloopers-17

Model! ba ha

And then finally you have this gem that still makes me laugh every time I see it because I can remember the whole scene and conversation as it went down.  Just remember in all your picture taking that sometimes the most “imperfect” photos make for the best memories…

Happy Tuesday!

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