South-Bound Bonds Part 3 :: Grand Canyon/Yosemite

SouthBoundBonds-193Good Morning and welcome back to Part 3 of 4 of our southern adventures! Last we left off we were traveling to the Grand Canyon and had just stopped at the Hoover Dam. After seeing such a site, we kept pressing on through the evening and finally made it to the giant hole in the ground in the dark of night around 10:00 p.m!  I was really hoping to be able to see the Grand Canyon that night, but unfortunately it was a little too late.   We set up camp, ate some dinner, and off to bed we went to be awakened by a beautiful sunrise the next morning!  It was our first day that we actually got to wake up and leave our campsite as is since we would be staying the night again. After some yummy breakfast burritos and cinnamon rolls cooked in oranges, we headed out to finally see it…


We chose to do the South Kaibab Trail which led us down 3 miles into the canyon dropping about 2,000 ft. in elevation. We stopped at Skeleton Point which overlooked the Canyon and gave the first view of the Colorado River.   Easy peasy on the way down, not so much on the way up! ha ha.  It was a beautiful day for hiking though.  The sun was pretty hot, but thankfully we were only hiking in the 80’s which was easily manageable with a good amount of water and adequate breaks.SouthBoundBonds-171SouthBoundBonds-167SouthBoundBonds-173SouthBoundBonds-172SouthBoundBonds-176

After that decent hike we worked up an appetite for what turned out to be our favorite dinner: steak, potatoes, and fresh green beans!

After dinner we headed out once again to the Canyon’s rim to catch the setting sun.  SouthBoundBonds-180SouthBoundBonds-182SouthBoundBonds-187SouthBoundBonds-184SouthBoundBonds-190SouthBoundBonds-188SouthBoundBonds-198SouthBoundBonds-192SouthBoundBonds-193

Though we loved the Grand Canyon, we were pretty surprised at how built up and “touristy” it was!  The amount of people there was crazy and we couldn’t believe that there were grocery stores and restaurants all right next to the rim near the campgrounds! Not quite our kind of camping but we still had a blast and it was nice to finally be able to relax for two days and not be on the move.SouthBoundBonds-199

From the Grand Canyon, we headed back West into California for our first stop at a bed and breakfast in Anaheim, California- just 30 minutes from Disneyland! We enjoyed a lovely evening out at an Italian restaurant and then headed in for our first night in a bed!  We woke up the next morning excited (well, I was at least!) and ready for a day at Disneyland! Disneyland ended  up being one our favorite days of the entire trip.  The weather was perfect and we planned it so we would hit it on a Tuesday hoping there would be less people to rub shoulders with.  Well, it was still packed, but I’m sure it was still a whole lot better than what a weekend would have been!  It is Disney’s 60th Diamond Celebration this year so on top of Disney’s normal attention to detail everything was decked out with diamonds. It was fantastic! Everything was so well done.  Every detail thought of.  Every worker happy. Every character genuine. The park was small enough that we could hop around and ride the different rides without any wait over 20 minutes.  The day flew by, and before we knew it, it was already getting dark.  Thankfully that was just when the real magic started as we ended the night watching an electrical parade and water/light show that just blew us away! SouthBoundBonds-202SouthBoundBonds-205SouthBoundBonds-201

Yes, I grew up on Disney, and yes, meeting the Princess’ was awesome!SouthBoundBonds-208

FAVORITE PRINCESS!SouthBoundBonds-211SouthBoundBonds-212SouthBoundBonds-214SouthBoundBonds-217The afternoon parade Princess float!SouthBoundBonds-221SouthBoundBonds-220

“Frozen” play in the royal theatre! So funny!

Finally the clock struck midnight, and it was time to tuck the tired but fulfilled “princess” in bed.SouthBoundBonds-231

Tune in Thursday for the last days of our trip where we backpack through Yosemite and hit up some pretty sites on our trip back home!

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