Jake & Aly | Point Defiance, WA Maternity

Impellezzeri Maternity-17-2Welcome back to a beautiful session that took place at one of my favorite summer locations to shoot at :: Point Defiance Park  in Tacoma, WA.  Point Defiance radiates with beauty all year round but especially in the summer when the gorgeous flowers, namely the roses, come to life!  I was so excited that Aly picked this spot.  In addition to it’s beauty, it has so many photographic backgrounds which makes it a photographer’s paradise for many gorgeous and unique images.  But all of that aside, I know that these two would have looked fantastic wherever we went.  They have a joy that emanates from their faces produced by a waiting that lasted for many years, tried their patience and budget more than once, but one that eventually led to the precious life they now both await to hold come August.  I couldn’t have been more ecstatic when Aly told me she was pregnant, and I can’t wait to meet Greyson here soon! But for now, I’ll revel in the beauty and love that these two possess and anxiously await the arrival of the precious boy that this shoot was all about.



Impellezzeri Maternity-245Impellezzeri Maternity-28-2Impellezzeri Maternity-65Impellezzeri Maternity-272Impellezzeri Maternity-8-2Impellezzeri Maternity-207Impellezzeri Maternity-49-2Impellezzeri Maternity-130Impellezzeri Maternity-67Impellezzeri Maternity-34-2Impellezzeri Maternity-62-2Impellezzeri Maternity-75Impellezzeri Maternity-195Impellezzeri Maternity-87-2Impellezzeri Maternity-104-2Impellezzeri Maternity-239Impellezzeri Maternity-107-2Impellezzeri Maternity-152Impellezzeri Maternity-212Impellezzeri Maternity-284Impellezzeri Maternity-88-2Impellezzeri Maternity-23-2Impellezzeri Maternity-86

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