Bre’s Stylized Bridal :: Yelm, WA


It’s so fun to have beautiful friends that will do whatever crazy idea you have conjured up.  Bre happens to be one of those! It’s also nice to have other “Creatives” join in, which is exactly what I have found in my friend, Savannah, who procured this beautiful spot for us! Put us all together and you get a blog post of beautiful images and two photographers inspired and more skilled in their craft- exactly what a stylized session should produce.  Bridal’s have definitely become a new favorite of mine especially when I have control over time of day and length of session!  This was my first time doing a stylized Bridal session and it was SO much fun!!  It also helped that I was shooting my best friend. 🙂 She was the perfect fit for a session with cows and horses as she and her husband have big dreams of owning their own ranch one day.  And her dress ranks as a top favorite in my book. All in all I very much look forward to more stylized sessions in the future.  So stay tuned, I’m sure there will be more to come this year!



As always, this guy supports me from behind.  I just had to grab an image of him carrying all of our photography gear! What a trooper and help he is! <3Bre

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