Dan and Bre :: DuPont, WA

Words don’t quite form adequately when it comes to describing these two. If you keep up with my blog at all, you already know who they are. The term “friends” doesn’t quite make the cut, and “best friends” sounds somewhat cheesy, but “family” well, family is getting closer. They are those who we laugh and cry with, those who we spend our time with talking, reminiscing, working, and playing. They are there for the ups and down and walk the same path we do.  The ones where we don’t need an invitation to come and are never kicked out.  I love seeing how God has orchestrated our paths to cross again here in Washington and I know that we are all savoring it for the time.  Dan and Bre are such a team. One makes up for where the other lacks, and their love is strong and mutual.  I love the different expressions that were captured throughout the shoot.  You may not notice them all, but they certainly all encompass their marriage from the sweet smiles they give each other to the funny faces they share.  I hope you can pull them out just as I can and see why we love these two so much!


Love: why we live  Hope: what we live for  Faith: what we live by

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